Jay Olos joins as CFO of PayMongo

I'm super excited to announce that Jay Olos has joined PayMongo as our Chief Finance Officer. Jay is our first senior hire, and he brings years of extensive international leadership background in finance, treasury and risk management, among his impressive list of experience. He was part of the founding team of Compare Asia Group where he handled the company's Series A and B—raising a total of $110 million in total capital. Most recently, he served as the CFO of GCash, one of our strongest e-wallet partners, where he led significant improvements in the company's finance processes and brought it to much better scalability.

Over the last quarter, Jay worked with me closely as a consultant, helping me and the management team streamline our core accounting practices. But what got me super excited about Jay when we first met were the diversity of his experience and his strong passion for business. On the side, he also helps others learn more about running a business, making wise investments and doing effective financial planning. He runs online courses on investing and stock trading. I couldn't be more thrilled in working alongside Jay! I'm personally excited to learn from his knowledge and experience.

At our core, PayMongo is a finance and treasury company. Finance is embedded in our products and services. Building scalable financial systems is key to the future of online payments. This means our own treasury capabilities must be excellent. Jay couldn't be more suited for the job. He will lead the integrated financial systems and processes that run the company—ensuring that our customers and business partners succeed in their own endeavours.

To make things even better, Jay is a PayMongo customer himself! Welcome, Jay; I am excited to have you on board.